Gallery Hire – Terms and Conditions

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The following represent the Terms and Conditions for all Gallery Hire at Bank Street Arts. We means Bank Street Arts and You indicates the Hirer (Group or Individual. The Responsibility of Individuals in a group is joint and several).

A deposit of £50 or 20% (whichever is greater) of the total Hire fee is required to secure a Gallery booking. The deposit is non-refundable. The deposit once paid will make up part of your hire fee it is not additional to the hire fee.

Should You require access outside of normal working hours a key deposit of £20 (per set of keys) is required. The key deposit is in addition to the Hire Fee. All keys are to be returned at the end of the Hire period. At this point – provided all keys and equipment are returned and galleries are left in the condition in which they are hired – the key deposit will be refunded.

All Hire Fees must be paid in advance before any exhibition/event opens. If fees are outstanding at this point we will close the exhibition.

Your Hire fee covers a License to exhibit artwork during normal opening hours of the Centre which are subject to change without notice in the Room or Rooms agreed, between the dates agreed, and nothing more. Any Hire of equipment or hire outside normal opening hours is subject to an additional fee.

We undertake to open your exhibition during normal opening hours, open doors and turn on lighting subject to any unforeseen circumstances.

You are responsible for all other aspects of your exhibition during your hire period. We take no responsibility for equipment, artwork, accidental damage, turning equipment on or off, injury caused to third parties by your work, setting up or taking down of exhibitions or storing work.

We will wherever possible try to help out with the provision of basic tools, setting up, taking down, providing access to galleries out of hours etc but we take no responsibility for any shortcomings, failures, or problems in this respect.

If your exhibition requires invigilation then that is your responsibility. The Centre is staffed at all times but We accept no responsibility for work placed in the Centre by You.

In certain instances we may need to restrict access to certain galleries during the course of your hire but we will always notify you in writing in advance should this be necessary as a result of other events in the Centre.

We cannot store work in the Centre before or after a Hire Period and it is your responsibility to deliver work on the day of installation and take down at the end of the exhibition Hire Period. We reserve the right to charge an additional fee for work left in the Centre at the end of any Hire Period. If work is left for more than two weeks after the end of any Hire Period we reserve the right to dispose of the work.

Any text or information about your exhibition in the room You are Hiring is your responsibility. Any text placed in the panels belonging to Us is our responsibility and at our discretion.

We undertake to advertise your exhibition on our website but you must provide us with an image and copy and we reserve the right to make any changes to such text and image as we see ft.

Hire of Gallery spaces does not permit you to advertise or place work or literature in other parts of the Centre. Members are entitled to advertise in the Centre subject to our approval.

Our Hire Period runs from Tuesday to Saturday within normal working hours (10:00 – 16:00). Delivering or setting up within these hours requires no prior arrangement. You must make prior arrangements to set up outside normal opening hours.

We can take responsibility for setting up exhibitions, taking down, storing work, invigilating for an additional fee.