Paul Tuppeny, The Land-Bridge Project

Paul Tuppeny, The Land-Bridge Project

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LEAVE//REMAIN | 2016 Bank Street Arts members’ exhibition | Tuesday 25th- Sunday 30th October

Paul Tuppeny, The Land-Bridge Project.

‘The piece is a model for a proposed sculpture in Öbrero, Sweden, host to a biennial sculpture festival next summer. A square hole is sunk into a pavement or grass. At the base of the excavation are footprints travelling between Britain and Sweden across a stretch of cast sand which has been sculpted into low ridges by the action of waves. The Land-Bridge Project reminds us that thousands of years ago, Britain was joined to Continental Europe and that people were free to move between the two.  The sculpture is conceived in a time of dissonance but reasserts that we remain united with Europe by our shared heritage, history and humanity.’

Interested in the portrayal of temporal narrative and the presentation of our species to ourselves, Paul Tuppeny’s art draws upon the visual language of the museum, the memorial and the monument to develop pieces embodying layers of time and human input.

The Land-Bridge Project is being exhibited as part of LEAVE//REMAIN, our 2016 members’ exhibition. We’ll be hosting an open evening at 6pm on Friday 28th Oct.