Liz Hall, That which does not remain, leaves

Liz Hall, That which does not remain, leaves

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LEAVE//REMAIN | 2016 Bank Street Arts members’ exhibition | Tuesday 25th- Sunday 30th October

Liz Hall, That which does not remain, leaves.

‘The text is the last line of a self-written poem about the people we lose to dementia. As memory and ability fail, meaning and identity fragment. We are left with something utterly changed.


‘My work explores the changing nature of relationships, growing older (while still hoping for immortality, or at least regeneration) and trying to understand how our egocentric view of everything fits in to an oblivious universe. I work optimistically, with text, image and performance.’

Liz is one of Bank Street Arts’ long-standing collaborators. That which does not remain, leaves is being exhibited as part of LEAVE//REMAIN, our 2016 members’ exhibition. We’ll be hosting an open evening at 6pm on Friday 28th Oct.