Amy Stringer Jewellery

Amy Stringer Jewellery

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AmyStringer1Amy Stringer is an independent contemporary jewellery designer/maker, originally from Brighton.

‘Each and every bead, pendant and design is made from cement. Cement is a material found in almost every building throughout our many modern cities. It is unappreciated by many for the beauty it can hold. Inside the cement I set pieces of nature, such as moss and leaves, to create the connection between architecture and agriculture. The style of my work is fragile, due to the materials and natural items used, but it represents the fragility of nature within a city. My jewellery is designed to grow with the owner, wear at the rate it is worn, learn to fit their personality and bridge the connection between them and their surroundings. I create everyday wearable jewellery, as well as statement art jewellery suitable for galleries.’

Visit Amy’s website here.

Amy’s Instagram here.

Her twitter handle is @astringerdesign.

Buy her jewellery via Etsy.

If you’d like to contact Amy about her work please email