Sean Morley

Comedian in Residence

Sean Morley, writer-director of the Glang Show, Speed Dating with Jeremy Corbyn, and Sean Morley’s Lonely Party, is using his residency at Bank Street Arts to, as he notes, ‘explore the community outcomes of performing live comedy in a zoo’. As our first Comedian in Residence- and one ‘armed with ‘a bucket full of pranks and a briefcase full of EU funding applications’- Sean has been given free rein to explore humour and laughter at Bank Street Arts, develop his work in live and recorded comedy, and… whatever else tickles his fancy.

Sean’s next event with us will be Tired Club, a Bank Holiday weekend all-night extravaganza that won’t be for the faint of heart- more info soon. His most recent gig was Earned Helplessness.


Sean’s events and residency activities at Bank Street Arts so far:

Sean is a gigging comedian, member of comedy filmmaking group Glang Films, regular contributor to Now Then magazine, and once one of his tweets about burning socks on Christmas day was reprinted in The Sun newspaper without permission. He’s also recently worked with two of the nation’s most prized comedy treasures:

Follow Sean on Twitter and see his work on YouTube here.

Photo 16-03-2017