What happens when light, sound, and space are forced into new and surprising situations?

Anti-telly like this can only be made by people who haven’t owned a TV in years, namely film/sound art collective Peak Signal 2 Noise.

February 2016 saw PS2N’s second series premiere on not-for-profit, people-led Sheffield Live TV in the prime spot, competing with Celebrity Big Brother.

“Working within a flat 2D screen is swell, but 3 or 4 dimensions feel even better …”

So PS2N embarked on a residency with Bank Street Arts, exploring the how, why, when, and what can be done with light, sound, and space. 

How can moving image and sound meld together into mutually responsive live experiences?

How can light flooding across the filmaker’s retinas interact with sonic sensations in the fingertips of the musician?

How can this light/sound emulsion alter the sense of space?

How does this shift non-performers within this space away from passive hearing/seeing, to something … else?

Continuing the themes explored through anti-telly, live events, communal fetes, and workshops Ps2N will hold a series of installations and live events. Each will build upon the questions and uncertanties unearthed through the last, with filmic/sonic results appearing online and on Sheffield Live TV as things evolve.

Series 2 opened with a live sound/visual event, Saturday 6th of Feb 2016.

From PS2N’s residency:

Performers: Sophie Cooper // Core of the Coalman // Jointhee