Oliver Manning

Oliver Manning

By 14th September 2016 Current Residencies No Comments

Sheffield-born musician and songwriter Oliver Manning’s residency is seeing him write and record his forthcoming album in the various spaces around Bank Street Arts. We’ll be putting the album out on our soon-to-be-launched Bank Street Editions imprint.

Just a few weeks into his residency, Oliver had written a barely-conceivable 100 songs, which he then spent the winter sifting through and editing. He’s now rehearsing with his various collaborators and entering the recording phase of the album. Friends and various partners in crime have been making short- sometimes very short- films of the album being put together, which we’re then adding to this steadily-expanding YouTube playlist:

As well as producing his album- his second- Oliver will play a series of gigs at BSA, some impromptu, others planned, some solo, and others as part of related, often unrelated, events and activities in the centre. His first ‘official’ performance will be on Friday 21st April with fellow Sheffield singer-songwriter James Ewan Tait. ‘The witch from my dream’, the first single from Oliver’s album, will be released during the gig as a pay-what-you-want download. Click here to listen to an embryonic instrumental version of it.

Oliver went to and dropped out of jazz school, spent most of 2015 looking after a baby in Rome, and is a big fan of harmony vocals, black coffee and Frank Zappa. He can often be seen and heard busking around Sheffield City centre, accompanied by his trusty orange Burns Marquee guitar, bringing an easy and effortless intimacy to the hustle and bustle of city life. His regular pitch is outside Mothercare on Barker’s Pool.

‘Being a busker, I suppose I work with a door-open policy on a daily basis- no protection from hecklers and pimps- but it’s a very different thing to play Romeo and Juliet on Surrey Street for the 7000th time than it is to compose a whole album from scratch with people allowed to watch. But I’ve agreed to do it now. Do things that scare you, unless they involve snakes- I’ve always said that.’

Follow Oliver on Instagram and Facebook to see how his residency progresses. His website is at www.olivermanning.co.uk and his bandcamp page is here.