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Linda Kemp

Linda Kemp’s residency centres around experimental poetry and sound. During the residency Linda aims to explore some of the transient and improvisatory aspects of spoken and written language. Initial explorations will take place through a series of performances given by musicians, poets and writers. The residency will conclude with an exhibition of visual work.

The progression of the residency will move between the action of preparing for each performance and the performances themselves, followed by the apparent inaction of periods of reflection between each performance.

An archive of documented and undocumented experience will be accumulated through the processes of performance, followed by reflection.

The final exhibition will be assembled from the documentation and memories accumulated in this personal archive.


Dates and times of performances will be circulated in the weeks before each event.

Linda Kemp is the founder of the DIY publishing press and record label enjoy your homes press and has previously exhibited with Bank Street Arts as part of Opening Up the Book Festival

Linda’s residency got underway with an evening of live, experimental sound on April 21st.