Bryan Eccleshall

Bryan Eccleshall

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Bryan Eccleshall is one of Bank Street Arts’ longest-standing, most prolific residents. He has, quite simply, been a vital part of the work we’ve done in recent years.

In the initial part of his residency, Bryan painted a mural on one of the gallery walls, which was then hidden when new gallery walls were built inside the existing structure. The mural depicted a missing painting and a plaque now records the presence and absence of the missing painting of the missing painting. This work – Gone – led to a collaboration with Angelina D’Roza and Ian Baxter for the first Sheffield Poetry Festival. For that, Bryan traced five copies of a book, edited by D’Roza, that consisted of responses to Gone. This work was made in the presence of the missing painting, which remains behind the stud wall.

In 2013, Bryan made a drawing for every day of the year, with each one subsequently uploaded to a blog.  The drawings have been exhibited twice at Bank Street Arts, once as 365drawings in January 2014 and again as part of his successful Ph.D. submission in March 2016.

While completing his Ph.D. (in summer 2015) Bryan distracted himself by collaborating with artist Chris Graham on Sans Terre, an installation that took Theodore Géricault’s Raft of the Medusa as a starting point for thinking about the refugee crises that was emerging as a huge news story. That resulted in a complex and disorienting installation. In 2016, after completing the Ph.D., Bryan and Chris collaborated again on a series of ‘hand-finished’ books that documented that installation. The act of intervening in printed books sprouted legs and became a work of its own, which they called Collateral Damage.

Bryan has recently completed a large (2.4 metre x 1.2 metre) drawn reiteration of Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights and, at the time of writing, is trying to finish an actual size drawing of Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. He isn’t quite sure why he takes these challenges, but it seems to make some sort of sense.


When not making his own work or mucking about with Chris (or being Bank Street Arts’ Chair of Trustees) Bryan is a drawing and painting tutor for the Open College of the Arts. He also participated in LEAVE//REMAIN, our 2016 members’ exhibition.

You can keep up to date with Bryan online:


Facebook: or search for ‘@eccleshallartist’

Twitter: @eccleshall1965

Bryan also offers artist portfolio reviews at £40/hour. For further information and to book a place, email