Resonance, Momentum, Crescendo:

The purpose and aim of this residency is to explore the possibility of co-ordinating an independent, wide reaching, creative event, surmounting obstacles, including lack of funds.

Open to any individual, group, building or organisation that wishes help create and maintain this proposed ‘resonance’; the first planned ‘crescendo’ of activity will begin on 5 November 2011, and last for one week.

The perpetually flexible program will include visual art, performance, music, film, demonstration, discussion, affinity, confrontation – potentially incoherent and confusing, certainly diverse and challenging, hopefully exciting and vital.

We urge and encourage anyone who has an interest in being involved to get in touch.

Some words by John Ledger, artist, about Pandemic:

The world is currently under the rule of something that has passed the insanity threshold. But this insanity has been normalised – it is mediated as the acceptable. What can be done? How can we try to change this? How can we challenge a system that has done such a good job of asserting itself as reality itself?

Within our (Globalsapiens’) conversations with Pandemic, I could taste two feelings that I have barely experienced since my youthful sentimentalism was finally eaten away by grim systemic pragmatism: hope (a reinstatement of something that since then seems to be locked/frozen in the pages of books) and excitement (a break from the need to be anaesthetized and shut away in a cell of ‘no surprises’)

These conversations added fuel to the conviction that concerned events, such as art exhibitions/performances cannot be mere means to ends in themselves but need to be seen as something that is moving; never actually stood; and not allowing the system to make the first move, which will always be to appropriate it for its own advancement. Instead of trying to construct one big event, it is crucial for the momentum to keep building and for the end of it to never actually arrive. And the urgency and difficulties in maintaining this are what is being currently played out in Globalsapiens’ own ideas, where this conviction contrasts, and clashes with the firmly-wedged alienated, individualist pursuit of adoration, from within systemically-groomed mental prison cells, which digs in with force, helped by a barrage of generic rhetoric and images promoting self-betterment. From within these cells we find ourselves working towards one final goal, which also (as anyone who as put on a major show will resonate with) leads to anti-climax, depression and a defeated-slump straight back into the realism of capitalism.

Hope of achieving anything more than this ebbs away at times, but the hope and excitement thrown around within the conversations with Pandemic generated ample courage to resist and avoid this (always) calamitous misreading of reality. To not be contended to let our hopes and fears for the world, which we generated in our art, to be merely hanging shells of something now deceased. Globalsapiens and Pandemic are two atoms that have met and will meet again as part of cluster that must keep on growing and growing.