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WALLPAPER is an ambitious and immersive work of digital fiction with a storyline that interweaves 19th and 20th century history with futuristic technology, satirising social media and advertising.

Following the death of his elderly mother, PJ Sanders, POPPITECH’s Head of Product Innovation, returns to the UK from the United States to his rural North Yorkshire family home which has been in his family for generations. Sanders is back to close up the house and sell off the property, but not before he employs an experimental device primed to help him uncover the mysterious history behind a room in the house – a room that has remained locked since his childhood.

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WALLPAPER is a new work by Dreaming Methods at One to One Development Trust funded by the Arts Council England and Sheffield Hallam University‘s Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF), with support from Bank Street Arts and Bangor University.

Artist Information

Andy Campbell (Director of Digital Media) and Judi Alston (Creative Director/CEO) of One to One Development Trust, an arts/media charity in Wakefield, have a formidable track record of creating unique digital fiction collaboratively.

Their joint work includes: Inside: A Journal of Dreams, Joyride, Clearance and Nightingales Playground, all available to experience on One to One’s website Dreaming Methods, a showcase of International digital fiction collaborations since 2000.

For WALLPAPER Campbell and Alston are collaborating with music producer and sound artist Barry Snaith

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