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12/12/15 – 7pm – 10pm

Tickets are £3 in advance (booking fee incl.) or £5 on the door.

VERBAL’s regular live art & performance event at Bank St Arts.

Featuring the ‘Scratch’ for work-in-progress and ‘The Space’ to showcase new performance work.

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Line-up …

m-mcateerMatt McAteer has been a fixture on the South Yorkshire poetry scene for a number of years and has produced full shows for both the Sheffield Midsummer Poetry Festival and the South Yorkshire Poetry Festival. His most recent show – NO LEAD NO COPPER ALL GONE – was nominated for Best Spoken Word at the 2015 Greater Manchester Fringe Festival. He is currently trialling a new show called Technocorrections, which explores themes of surveillance and invisibility, love and loss.  A criminal makes a Faustian pact to become invisible in order to evade capture. Will the thrill of his subsequent escapades outweigh the loss of love and identity and does the faceless all seeing eye of the virtual panopticon, surveillance giant Technocorrections plc always get it’s man? (image by Shay Rowan)

d-horriganDan Horrigan: Perennial is the story of a man who has lost his soul. In thrall to the things he thinks he is owed. In love with his own mordant wit and cynicism. The heart is sordid. So listen.





a-hadariAtar Hadari is a playwright, poet, journalist, translator and author of short stories His works include Songs from Bialik: Selected Poems (Syracuse University Press, 2000) and a play, The Jewish Piano.  Born in Israel and raised in England, he trained as an actor and writer at the University of East Anglia before winning a scholarship to study poetry and playwrighting with Derek Walcott at Boston University. His plays have won awards from the BBC, Arts Council of England, National Foundation of Jewish Culture (New York), European Association of Jewish Culture (Brussels) and the Royal Shakespeare Company, where he was Young Writer in Residence. He will be performing his story The Donkey at Verbal.


Nick Maynard will perform A Short Play.

Graham Robert Lee will perform The View From Outside.


Jamie H Scrutton is a Performance Poet based in West Yorkshire. His material focuses primarily on observational life, putting a self created chaeacter with a story. He has released various Short Poetry Film Sketches and he is currently performing on the Open Mic Circuit around Yorkshire and London. This set includes verses such as ‘I’ve Fallen In Love With Mr Muscle,’ ‘Monobrow’  and ’30 Pence To Have A Piss?!’ You can catch more of his work on YouTube.


Hayley Alessi is a theatre maker from Sheffield who specialises in making immersive and One to One performance.  Previous work includes  In the City in a ‘Selfie’ performance in collaboration with Herd of Cats and Terry O’Connor, and KINDLE-ing which was performed at Wrought festival in Sheffield and DNweekenD in Doncaster.  She is currently working on a project with One Tribe a group of asylum seekers and refugees for Right-Up-Our-Street in Doncaster.