Unlocked Collective – No Future, No Hope

Unlocked Collective – No Future, No Hope

No Future, No Hope | December 7th- 17th

Unlocked Collective’s work is focused on capturing the essence of a place or space and thinking about its legacy. Their current exhibition at Bank Street Arts, No Future, No Hope, which runs from December 7th- 17th, is a response to archives related to the breakdown of the steel industries.

Nicola Turner utilises print and her work focuses on the concept of the locket to reflect the sensitive nature of change.

Fiona Mazza has created several ceramic works, which use the butterfly as a metaphor for the fragile nature of the industry as it stands. Particularly the crafts.

Carole Griffiths creates sculpture using a variety of materials including latex, black clay, plastic and focuses on the Knife, Fork and Spoon as well as Scissors. Her work encapsulates the relationship between the object and its uses and sense of place.

Elaine Whitehead has produced a series of layered photographs and sounds that demonstrate hard work and hard labour.

Monica Gabb has produced a series of prints based on the sound and image of scissors. The intention here is to empower the craft of making.

Kay Yeoman has created mixed media pieces using the original stainless steel spoons. Here she has embellished characteristics of both sensitivity and masculine approaches of the function of a spoon.

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