Uncertain Spaces & Obscure Views

Uncertain Spaces & Obscure Views

Uncertain Spaces & Obscure Views | Andy Cropper | November 24th- December 3rd | Preview on Weds 23rd Nov, 6pm

Andy Cropper is a realist painter concerned with issues relating to the everyday. He captures glimpses; ephemeral moments usually unseen or missed, and his work of the past few years has been focused on observing mystery and uncertainty in Sheffield’s ‘ordinary’ and ostensibly unremarkable spaces.

Some of the places represented in his forthcoming Uncertain Spaces and Obscure Views exhibition will, no doubt, be immediately recognisable to anyone familiar with the city. Others, however, are more ambiguous, appearing to be depictions of places that could be anywhere- if not everywhere- while also existing in a sort of unknown and distant ‘other’ place.

As Andy notes,

‘I’m not aiming to glamorise the mundane, but searching to find interest in the things around us that we usually ignore. Some of the spaces have a feeling that they are on the edge of a moment where something is about to happen; a feeling of potential. Some have a feeling of deep uncertainty, both of place and in atmosphere. What is it about a given scene that may have a feeling of safety, threat, quiet, or disquiet about it?’

Andy was recently interviewed by Mick Biggs for Social Sheffield- click here to take a look.

Uncertain Spaces and Obscure Views previews on Wednesday 23rd November from 6pm. The project’s blog is here.

You can find Andy on Twitter here and Facebook here.