In Celebration of Trees

In Celebration of Trees

In Celebration of Trees | 7th- 12th January

In Celebration of Trees is an exhibition of photographs that comes at a point when trees have become an unusually divisive and highly charged issue in Sheffield. Sheffield has around 35,000 street trees and the City Council has said that they are considering felling about half of these, even though the vast majority are healthy mature trees, causing only minor damage to roads or pavements. While a 2007 independent survey suggested that just 1,000 of the city’s street trees needed replacing, 4,000 have since been felled.

Sheffield hasn’t taken kindly to this, particularly when two peaceful protestors were woken and subsequently arrested by policemen hammering on their doors. Even Richard Hawley has waded in: ‘The trees are one of the city’s greatest assets but it appears our great leaders are blind to this simple fact’.

In Celebration of Trees, organised by Nether Edge Tree Group in conjunction with the Woodland Trust, is part of a much wider campaign to encourage the local authority to adopt a responsible, sustainable approach to management of the city-wide tree population. As well as celebrating Sheffield’s street trees and foregrounding the tireless efforts of those committed to protecting them, In Celebration of Trees offers a chance for people to reflect on those trees that have been lost or are due to be felled in the coming months.

Please note that In Celebration of Trees has had its run slightly extended- you can now see the show up until 4pm on Thursday 12th January.

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