| 30th April – 7th May |

Tom Noonan is a Sheffield-based video artist. Originally from idyllic Shrewsbury, Shropshire, Tom finds beauty in nature. His work blends different styles and forms, frequently used motifs include symmetry, juxtaposition, and cropped frames.

Tom’s installation for Open Up will comprise of three films playing simultaneously.

  1. In Architecture Danielle discussed her life on the street over images of Sheffield’s cityscape juxtaposed with natural plant life. The film gradually reveals how Danielle’s residence was reclaimed by the council while her unsavoury ‘friends’ forced her to do negative things. As the film reaches its conclusion high-rise glass towers dominate the frame and Danielle describes her frustration with materialism.
  2. In Aesthetics Part i two frames play simultaneously, one showing extreme close-ups of natural landscapes while the other shows constructed interviews with young people that idolise model measurements and objectified fashion.
  3. Aesthetics Part ii showcases a number of nude performers blended through cropped frames. The ensemble of bodies create androgynous and ethnically neutral human forms, alluding to the failure of multiculturalism in Western society.

Tom’s work will also be available to view at Bank Street Arts on weekdays between Open Up.

Tom Noonan’s website.