Street Photography Saturday

Street Photography Saturday

| Saturday 16th July | 10.30-4pm |

Photographer in residence Mark Harvey and street photographer Chris Carter are hosting a day of Street Photography activities and discussions at Bank Street Arts on Saturday 16th July from 1030-4pm.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or have been shooting on the street for years, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to share your ideas and experiences with like minds and pick up some useful tips and tricks to help develop your practice.

The day will kick off at 10.30 with tea and coffee and Mark and Chris leading discussions on:

  • The difficulties that can often accompany Street Photography.
  • Scouting locations.
  • The difference between candid and permission-based Street Photography.
  • The merits of using different types of equipment.
  • Practical tips and tricks.
  • Dealing with the public and being aware of legal issues.

Chris, Mark and the group will then head into Sheffield for the afternoon to photograph life in the city, before returning to BSA to assess and discuss the work that’s been produced. Later in the summer, Mark and Chris will curate a digital exhibition that we’ll be screening at BSA featuring work from the project.

Spaces are limited to 12, and while the day is absolutely free of charge, you will need to reserve your place via Eventbrite. You’ll also need to bring your own camera equipment, but whether this is a very basic cameraphone, point-and-shoot compact, or a top-of-the-range dSLR doesn’t really matter: any digital camera will more than suffice.