Skylines – Noel Williams

The horizon shifts. Wherever we are, we look elsewhere to understand ourselves: where we’ve come from, where we’re going. Where we live, we look across the street. Where we work, we gaze over the city towards a better job, a happier life, the place our children play. While we’re here, we gaze on other places. We look back to what we were, we look forward to where we’d like to be.

A place is not a place but a viewpoint, a perspective on everywhere we can see from it. We foresee. We overlook. We revisit. We forget. Anticipation. Nostalgia. Expectation. Regret.


As we move through our city, year by year, place by place, we trace our lines of desire. They’re ECGs of the heart of the city. Each of us knows a different city. Here’s mine. With luck, somewhere my viewpoints intersect yours.


The poems and skyline are by Noel Williams. Other contributions, including ideas and sources for images as well as the images themselves, are by Charlotte Ansell, Kathy Doherty, Pete Dutton, Steve Earnshaw, Alison Fawcett, Julie Gillin, Cedric Green, Geff Green, Clare Jenkins, Angie Lauener, Margaret Lewis, Lydgate Lane School, Fay Musselwhite, Ruby Robinson, Phil Roddis, Paul Stephenson, Elizabeth Uruchurtu, Rosie Warne and Carrol Williams.

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