Sheffield: This is Hardcore

Sheffield: This is Hardcore

Sheffield: This is Hardcore | Wednesday 31st May 6pm | Free admission

An illustrated talk by Jones the Planner

“Sheffield is heroic. It’s like a boxer struggling back to his feet after a series of knock-down blows; down but not out. Sheffield is masculine, raw and powerful. But it is Pittsburg, not Detroit, still optimistic that its past, improbable, greatness can be rekindled. And it is often wrong-headed about how to do this.”

This will be an an irreverent and sometimes amusing look at the changing townscape, special character, architecture and planning of the great Northern English cities with a particular focus on Sheffield. The talk accompanies a lavishly illustrated book ‘Cities of the North’, and builds on the popular Jones the Planner blog, exploring the process and politics of development and ‘regeneration’ which is reshaping Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Bradford, Hull and Newcastle amongst others, always focusing on the intrinsic character of place.

Cities of the North reviews both the successes and lost opportunities of recent years and considers the implications of the emerging Northern Powerhouse plans for the conurbations.  The book is inspired by and follows in the footsteps of Ian Nairn who opened so many people’s eyes to an appreciation of cities, their often unexpected delights, qualities, possibilities and potential. Like Nairn, Cities of the North shows a passion and affection for these places and an appreciation of their all too often undervalued qualities.

Adrian Jones is a town planner and urban designer, formerly Director of Planning and Transport for the City of Nottingham and member of CABE’s national Design Review Panel. Chris Matthews is a local historian and lecturer in graphic design at Lincoln University.

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