Allan Pacey & Kate Sully | Reproduction

Allan Pacey & Kate Sully | Reproduction

Allan Pacey & Kate Sully | Reproduction | 8th- 23rd March

Allan Pacey, Professor of Andrology at The University of Sheffield, and artist Kate Sully first exhibited at Bank Street Arts with their mesmerising Journey of Reproductive Life project, part of 2016’s Festival of the Mind. Since the festival, Allan and Kate have, with the support of researcher Sofia Granados Aparici, continued their collaboration, producing work that provides a unique conduit between the reproductive sciences and art.

Reproduction, their latest project, draws on the work that Allan and Kate began with the Journey of Reproductive Life and uses the starting point of reproduction to explore fertility (and infertility) and the complex and necessary internal communication required to reproduce. Featuring several new pieces, Reproduction, as Allan notes, ‘continues to explore how human reproduction is underpinned by complexity, and how Kate uses vibrant colours in her work symbolises both the joy and sadness that is often experienced by men and women during their reproductive life’.

Allan and Kate will be in Bank Street Arts on Saturday 11th March from 2-4 to discuss their collaboration.


Allan Pacey is a researcher and teacher at the University of Sheffield and is also in charge of a busy clinical laboratory for Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. Kate Sully is a mixed media artist, facilitator and member of Bank Street Arts.