Postcard Poems

In 2013, Bank Street Arts invited a number of poets to participate in an exhibition of new writing as part of the 2nd Sheffield Poetry Festival. Their task was simple; to send a picture postcard – be it from home, work, or somewhere they happened to be visiting – featuring an original, handwritten poem on the reverse ‘that relates in some way to the location of the postcard’. This could mean the place or time, or could simply be the fact that it was written by that person, in that location, at that moment. The interpretation of this was left to the poet – it could be a snapshot of the moment, a ‘spoken message,’ or otherwise. These were then exhibited as part of the festival. The following year, the exhibit was expanded as part of Bank Street Arts’ own Poetry Festival, featuring work from almost 40 poets.

In 2015, it’s your turn. Bank Street Arts will be hosting a Postcard Poems competition; as in previous years, your task will be to hand write an original poem on a postcard and send it to us here at Bank Street Arts. For further information, please visit the rules page.