5th – 8th October | Free

An exhibition of selected text and artwork from poet Paul Hawkins’ book of the same name, including screenings of Neil Goodwin and Mayyada Al-Malazi’s Life in the Fast Lane: the No M11 Story and John Smith and Jocelyn Pook’s Blight, and reading by local poets.

Having spent three years in the early 1990s occupying properties and protesting in Claremont Road, east London, poet Paul Hawkins maps the run-off, rackets and resistance along the route of the proposed M11 Link Road.

Using the voices of Dolly Watson, Old Mick and many others in avant-garde experimental text and lo-fi collage, he explores place, waste and dissent: the stake the Thatcher/Major Tory government was driving into the heart of the UK.

“From Claremont Road to Cameron via surveillance culture and Occupy: transient-beta memory traces re-surfacing along the A12. This collection is an important reflection on a historic site of resistance, offering us illumination, ideas and inspiration for the future.” – Influx Press (2015)

On Thursday 6th October, Paul will be reading selected extracts from his book as well as screening the short film ‘Blight’. Find out more here.