Pewter Now | Reflections on History

Pewter Now | Reflections on History

Pewter Now | Reflections on History 8th – 17th February 

Reflections on History will showcase contemporary works inspired by the extensive and rich history of pewter – be it a maker, period, object, technique or tale. Leading makers have created new works that possess individual references to pewter’s vast history such as the historical symbolism and importance of the early guilds, new interpretations of old familiar objects, the landscape of bygone southwest tin mining industries and tales of alchemy and magic and much more.

Today the individual makers represented in the show, alongside the Sheffield based company Wentworth Pewter, are among the leaders in developing and promoting a new movement in contemporary pewter design that aims to forge a vibrant future.

The show opens on February the 8th and runs until February the 17th.

The Makers

Ryan Ashcroft

Gill Bridgestock‘s first entry for Pewter Live won her the award for Design and Collectability.

Jon Daniels is based in Devon and specialises in hand raising sheet metals.

Fleur Grenier is one of the UK leading pewtersmiths with over 20 years’ experience; she trained at The Royal College of Art, London and has since established a studio in W. Sussex.

Melanie Guy has used resistant materials to make 3d works since 2000. She uses metal for design pieces and for her pewter wall sculptures.

Jo Hatherway

Wentworth Pewter are a family-owned business run by Maggie, Richard and Jayne Abdy with pewter-smithing in their blood. Jayne is their lead designer and trained in metalwork design right here in Sheffield.

Rebecca Marsters works from her studio in Hastings, were she makes contemporary pewter ware and jewellery with the mix of other materials such as enamels and plastics.

Ella McIntosh often takes inspiration from everyday landscapes from scaffolding around a modern building or tangled fishing nets on the harbour to cracked pottery and rusty nails in a fencepost.

Susan Rawley’s pieces are all handcrafted and created in her London studio.

Jim Stringer has been a metalworker since graduating in 1989 from Sheffield Hallam University. He has been a part of the cutlery and metalworking industry in Sheffield for 25 years.

Trish Woods designs and makes statement jewellery pieces and giftware items that explore contrasts between form, surface, colour and texture.