29th September – 1st October 2016 | Free

An exhibition from Stan Dickinson that combines studio-based photography with layers of digital and physical manipulation. The exhibition includes a two meter high wall mural, digital prints, video, printed fabrics, artefacts from the project, and a hand-made book.

The project began in 2014 with the purchase of a second-hand Textbook of Photographic Chemistry (1963). Since then Stan has used physical manipulation (cutting, tearing, folding, constructing, deconstructing, and even burning), printing, re-photographing, and digital manipulation to transform and expand the original textbook.

Stan’s relationship with photography began with digital technology. Traditional photographic methods felt too much like alchemy, digital methods gave the potential to make magic with the image:

‘Studying Photography, particularly in the context of its historical relationship with Art and its potential as a contemporary medium, has, I believe, transformed me into an artist. My interest now is in exploiting our unconscious association of the photographic image with something that is ‘real’, something ‘that has been’, to evoke a perception of meaning in the mind of the viewer.’

Stan’s work layers original photographic creations with appropriated material and digital manipulation, often followed by printing, cutting, collage, re-photographing, occasional burning, and further manipulation/mark-making, to create complex images that are visually attractive, thought-provoking, and challenging.


New Photographic Chemistry will be accompanied by a launch event on Friday 30th September, 6pm-8pm.