| 20th – 23rd April | Free Entry |

An exhibition showing the work of eight contemporary photographers. Each artist has produced a series of photographs in response to the history and conventions of portraiture as a traditional medium.
_DSC3691 as Smart Object-1 copyThe photographers have adopted various techniques, often shooting without intent and re-imagining the portrait in a contemporary context. The diversity in styles of portraiture and the tools used create a sense of variety and balance.

page1 copy12764352_591823194306227_8371262807609679217_o copy 2Manipulated portrait1001 copyThis exhibition aims to provide a raw take on photographic portraiture though the physical format of the images, the material and digital tools used in production, and intentions (or lack of) of each piece.

The launch event for New Face will take place on Friday the 22nd of April, 6pm – 8pm.