Midsummer Poetry Festival

Midsummer Poetry Festival

Friday 6th June – Saturday 28th June

This is a preliminary events schedule, more details to be added soon!





3rd – 7:30pm Clare Crossman and Liz Cashdan – @ Quaker Meeting House (£3)

6th  – 6pm -Launch party and Private View with anti-choir Juxtavoices (free)

8pm – Matt McAteer ‘No Lead, No Copper, All Gone’ (£4/£3)

7th –  10am-5pm WEA Voices in Conflict Workshop with Liz Cashdan, Rob Hindle and Fay Musselwhite (£8/£5)

8th –  10am-12:30pm Ellen McLeod and Kylie Rogers Writing Workout (£10/£8)

2pm-4pm Stan Skinny, Writing for Performance (£4/£3)

10th – 7pm The Poetry Business presents the 2013 pamphlet competition winners: James Caruth, Rebecca Farmer, Holly Hopkins and Ben Wilkinson.

11th  – 6:30pm, MA Students from Sheffield Hallam University (free)

8pm, Stan Skinny, “Tell Me the Lies About Love” (£4/£3).

12th  –  6:30pm, Cast: The Poetry Business Book of New Contemporary Poets with Suzannah Evans, Julie Mellor and Karl Riordan (£4/£3)

8pm, Helen Mort and Conor O’Callaghan (£4/£3)

13th –  6:30pm, Sally Goldsmith and Julie Lumsden (£4/£3)

8pm, Harriet Tarlo and Judith Tucker (£4/£3)

14th –  1:45pm – 2:45pm, Cutting Edge Poets with Rosemary Badcoe, Suzannah Evans, Margaret Lewis, Suzanne McArdle, Jan Caborn and Kate Rutter (£4/£3)

3:15pm -4:30pm, Nia Davies, John Harvey, A.B. Jackson and Roy Marshall (£4/£3)

5pm, Rob Hindle ‘Yoke and Arrows’ (£4/£3)

6:30pm, Matthew Clegg ‘Chinese Lanterns’ (£4/£3)

8pm, Pilgrimage: a Walk Through The Footing with Angelina Ayers, James Caruth, Rob Hindle, Chris Jones and Fay Musselwhite (£4/£3)

* All day tickets £14

15th  – 1:30pm – 2pm, David Tait (free)

2:15pm, Allison McVety and MA Students from University of Sheffield(£4/£3)

3:30pm, The Other Room Presents The Other Room (£4/£3)

5pm, Kath McKay, Katharine Towers and Noel Williams (£4/£3)

6:30pm, Helen Tookey and Shelley Roche-Jacques (£4/3)

8pm, Alan Halsey and Agnes Lehoczky (£4/£3)

*All day tickets £14

20th – 11am-4:30pm, Symposium: Anthologising in Contemporary Poetry in the UK (free but booking advised)

6:30pm, Dear World & Everyone in it, with Nathan Hamilton, Steven Fowler, Katherine Kilalea and Sam Riviere (£3/£1)

21st  – 4pm, In Protest: 150 Poems for Human Rights, with Laila Sumpton. (£4/£3)

24th – 11am-1pm, Poetry By Heart Workshop with Anne Caldwell (£4)

28th – 10am-12:30pm Writing Workout with Ellen Mcleod and Kylie Rogers (£10/£8)

3pm -10pm An afternoon of young voices (free), and in the evening, Sheffield’s second annual AntiSlam (7.30pm) with Sarah Thomasin and Chella Quint.

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