Members Gallery – Madeleine Walton

Upcycling Paintings – Madeleine Walton

Madeleine Walton’s work engages with everyday objects. The mundane and overlooked materials of everyday life are rehabilitated to create fresh reincarnations. By transforming these appropriated items she repositions them and raises questions of authorship. The objects collected by the artist for reconstruction include fabric, newspapers, and paintings. For the purposes of this exhibition she has trawled through charity shops and purchased second hand paintings. These discarded art works are re-presented, having gone through a process of abstraction and addition using techniques of overpainting and collage.

The Members Gallery, adjacent Atrium and all manner of display cabinets are available free to Green Members of Bank Street Arts for exhibitions of up to a month’s duration. Just let Becki know you are interested in using the space. either in person at the Centre or by email to