Members’ Exhibition 2014: Bethany Costerd

Bethany Costerd: Tacky Behind’s

‘Female sexuality has always been conceptualized on the basis of masculine parameters.’

(Irigaray, 1977/1985)

 These paintings were originally exhibited along with others from the same series in a grid of 143, now just a few of them are grouped and framed with precious control. The paintings are created from images taken from an online pornography site which is heavy on categories. The imagery is taken from; “big ass sex”, “p.a.w.g” and “big black butt”, with emphasis on the buttocks, these are image icons for their videos. Unfortunately pornography mostly caters to the male gaze, and these images are an example of that.

Bethany is drawn to this piece of the body because of its malleable and gestural quality as well as its form. When she discovered these images she became fascinated by the way the buttocks are adorned with tacky colours, fabrics and the human hand. Online pornography is extremely visual, and demands closer shots, in sharper focus. The fluidity of the watercolour paint plays with the sensuality, materiality and ambiguity of the images themselves.

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