From our Physicist in Residence comes an interactive installation exploring physics and culture. Mark Wrigley accompanied by his 3D printer and telescope, will be on hand to chat, to demonstrate, and to help visitors 3D-print something of their own.

For Festival of the Mind 2014, using 3D printer components and a Raspberry Pi computer, Mark Wrigley worked with the University of Sheffield to create a functional telescope. Mark has since run a crowdfunding campaign that allows people to make their own DIY telescope with preprinted kits and instructions.

Mark will be at Bank Street Arts on the following dates:

  • Friday 8th of April
  • Saturday 9th of April
  • Wednesday 13th of April

Sessions will run on a drop in basis throughout the day.

Mark Wrigley is a committee member, councillor, and champion of outreach at the Institute of Physics, the creator of Alternative Photonics and PiKon, and a photography tutor at Sheffield’s Cupola Gallery. See Mark’s residency here.