Making Plans | Anne & Christian Edwardes | 6th – 9th April | Free | Galleries 2 & 3 |

This exhibition highlights the often forgotten aspects of garments by drawing attention to the parts, tools, and methods used in the making process. Of the two galleries occupied by Making Plans, one space will be used for construction, the other for the exhibition of what has been constructed.

In the construction space Christian & Anne will plan, model, and make a series of ‘parts’ for hypothetical garments (e.g. cuffs, collars hoods, etc). At the same time the Edwardes will be creating a series of instructions for remaking these ‘parts’, made up of a mixture of gifs, videos, and diagrams.

As amateurs in the field of dressmaking, Anne & Christian approach the garment-making process without a comprehensive experience of problem-solving strategies, which means that collaboration and improvisation are essential to the work.