Admission: Free

2015 is the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, in which King John was forced to accept the principle that everyone, including him, was equally subject to the laws of the realm. The Sidney Nolan Trust has invited book artists to produce work celebrating this anniversary using obsolete volumes of Halsbury’s Statutes. Each volume has been altered to create a work of art which may be sculptural, visual – or may still even bear some relation to what we recognise as a book – and which reflects in some way the theme of “Re-Imagining the Laws of England”.

Artist Information

Artists participating in the exhibition are as follows:

Jane Tudge: To Grow a Nation

Anne Rook: Herbals and Bestiaries

Sharon Hall Shipp: Redimiculum

Viv Sole: Toeing the Line

Helen Ricketts: My Magna Carta, Today

Jill Lauriston: Immerse Yourself in the Middle Ages

Jackie Morris: Untitled

Linda Toigo: Inhale/Exhale

Veronica Hilton: Breaking the Law – Judgements and Execution

Mellie Lane: Bird Cage Metaphors

Marches Scribes: The Tentacles of the Law Reach Out

Victoria Ute Parker: Freedom in Open Spaces

Rachel Ricketts: Nine o’clock Horse

Mike Clements: A Magna Carta for Citizen Democracy

Kate Kato: Untitled

Ruth Cousins: Freedom of the Individual

Marilyn Tippett: Liverpool and its Role in the Slave Trade

Nigel Kerry: Sounds Like Happy Birthday

Sylvia Stiff: In The Footsteps of Razulevich

Isabell Buenz: Kerching

Linda Nevill: War and Emergency

Angela Martin & Heather Prescott: No-one is Above the Law

Lindsay Pritchard: Sacred Liberty

Julia Reynolds: Protest