Lectolalia #2 (SpeakRead)

4th November – 5th December at Bank Street Arts

Admission: Free

Lectolalia #2 (SpeakRead) is an exhibition by Emma Bolland  comprising three short films, an installation, and a screenplay as an artists book.

The three films are as follows. The Is Of The Thing (2014) was made for Shady Dealings with Language London, and uses moving image, and stills of books as collage and sculpture to explore fears of reading and our relationships with books. What Is A Book If It Will Not Be A Book is a creative reworking of the performed paper delivered at Impact8 using a cut-up recording of the paper to narrate the visual stills. Lectolalia: A Romance has been created in partnership with Leeds College of Art & Design’s library, as part of their ‘Library Interventions’ commissions series.

The Is Of The Thing - Emma Bolland - Video still1

Unwriting Lispector (2014) is an small installation that is designed to sit on a bookshelf. A book, Água Viva by Clarice Lispector is placed next to a notebook, open at a blank page. This is a piece about writing and reading as process and performance.