Lady of Situations

Lady of Situations

2nd – 12th November | Free

This collaboration between arts practitioner Shirley Harris, and poet Seni Seneviratne, ‘Lady of Situations’ is an Arts Council funded immersive exhibition that combines theatre, poetry, digital art and music. Drawing on the classical stories of Philomel and Tiresias, this piece explores timeless themes that are increasingly relevant in the contemporary world.

‘We have to live through metamorphosis to understand who we really are.’

Alone and exiled in the forest, Philomel reflects on her life and journey into a place of savage and tenuous safety.  Half woman, half bird she is confined to a large nest on the forest floor.  Images of her previous life are presented to the audience, combined with a powerful and deeply moving soundtrack that echoes her sadness and chimes with the playing of live cello.

Issues of power, gender, experiences of exile, asylum, and containment are all explored through a rich tapestry of multisensory elements including live performance and music.

The production will be launched as part of Sheffield’s off the Shelf Festival which is in its 18th year and has built up a national reputation for supporting live literature events. Lady of Situations has been supported by renowned West Yorkshire based Theatre Director Amanda Huxtable, and also features commissioned pieces of art for the installation from artists living in Sheffield and the Peak District including a latex and steel wing sculpture by Claire Lee, forest design by Henk Littlewood, art perfume by Michael Borkowsky, nest by Billie Riley and costumes by Amanda Wells. Live Cello will be played by cellist Liz Hanks.

Friday 11th November, 7pm, Seni Seneviratne will read extracts from the project. Tickets here.

This exhibition contains sensitive material that may not be suitable for a younger audience.