| 6th – 23rd July | Free |

An exhibition of 12 photographic works by resident Jesse Alexander that critically examines the landscape of his rural North Somerset locality.

After relocating from the city to the countryside, Jesse Alexander began photographing his new surroundings as a means to explore the topography of the area and to try to develop a creative connection with these new surroundings.

As the project developed, Alexander began to recognise signs and metaphors  within his imagery that reflected an autobiographical narrative, and taking photographs became as much a critical process as a personal catharsis.

Underlying this observational survey of a small part of the English countryside is a personal narrative that reflects recurrent themes from pastoral mythologies, which typically recount anecdotes of discordant urban/rural relations, accounts of sanctuary and escape, and tales of love and disappointment.

Join us Friday 22nd July, 6-8pm, as we celebrate Elementary Husbandry outside normal opening hours, before bringing the exhibition to a close with the New Pastoral Paradigms symposium.

Read more about Jesse’s residency at Bank Street Arts, his ongoing photo series The Nymph and the Shepherd, and the New Pastoral Paradigms landscape photography symposium that we will be hosting on the 23rd July.