Sean Morley’s Earned Helplessness

Sean Morley’s Earned Helplessness

Sean Morley’s Earned Helplessness | 9th December, 7pm | Pay Whatever You Want

Hi(!) & Wow! It’s me! Top lad Sean Morley. Here I am with some of the biggest best jokes, really ready to smash the gig, raise the roof, raze the venue and salt the Earth. I have been Sean Morley and none may travel in my wake.


Comedian in Residence Sean Morley tackles powerlessness and responsibility in his next performance at Bank Street Arts, which takes place from 7pm on Friday 9th December. Earned Helplessness is a frenetic and absurdist exploration of performing, politics and communicating from the perspective of someone who’s having a meltdown and wants to become a baby.


Once begun, the show must continue until it has reached a satisfying conclusion under its own steam. There is nothing to be gained by trying to reason with or applying any critical faculties to it in person. You must treat is a threat. It must be neutralised- the same way you would a cow running around a Wilkinsons. It must be calmed and immediately put to sleep. Goodnight show.

As heard on BBC Radio 2, 4 & 4 Extra.
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