Cut – Members Exhibition

Bank Street Arts Members’ Exhibition:

Wednesday 6th August – Saturday 30th August  Opening Event Friday 8th August 6-8pm


abbreviate, abridge, abstract, carve, chop, cleave, clip, condense, contract, crop, curtail, decrease, discontinue,dissect, divide,

furrow, gash, graze, lacerate, lessen, limit, nick, pare, pierce, prune, reduce, restrict, rip, sever, shorten, slash, slice, slit, snip,

stop, suspend, trim, truncate, wound.

Exhibiting artists:

Philip Archer Bulldog – Eric Burdon – Ravenhead

Becky Ciesielski Big Sister

Sylvia Causer  Did You Find Me

Gordon Clarkson The title of the work is cut

Rachel Durance Malleable

Bryan Eccleshall Watching Rashomon

Geraint Edwards Cheesemouse

Geraint Edwards  Mower

Laura Feltham  Flora Vulgaris

Helen Frank Cut Out and Keep

Robert Good  Phaidonidae

Liz Hall Snip Snip

Keith How  Fissure

Abigail Ivall  Once

Linda Kemp Poetry Miniatures: #Plath

Claudia Latini Tactical Cuts

Claire Lee   Attrition

Claire Lee  Vestige

Steve Lowen   Emotional Cut Off

Debbie Michaels  Split Torso 2

Jonathan Michaels  Scotoma

Emma O’Connor ST298.402

Janine Siddal   Ichnographic

Rachel Smith  cropped: remainder

Rachel Smith   backspace-cmd x – delete

Graham Straw   Colours of the Cut

Graham Straw  Cut the Country

Lucy Taylor   Cut Off

Sue Taylor  The Amount of Interest Paid

Martin Walters Cut Them and Let Them be Remembered No More

Madeleine Walton Just Like Francis Bacon 

Madeleine Walton Cut with the Kitchen Scissors