Mark Harvey | Baggage | 3rd – 31st August 2016 |

An exhibition of photographs by resident Mark Harvey that depict people from some of Sheffield’s marginalised communities, a number of whom have experienced homelessness. Baggage features the portraits of 10 people, each holding bags that are in some way significant to their daily life.

While leading a photography group at Sheffield’s Cathedral Archer project, Mark noticed that many clients always carried their possessions in disposable bags and that the branding on the bags often bore some relevance to their character. Each of the ten portraits included in this exhibition was taken spontaneously in five minutes or less and excludes the face of the subject. Mark has also rejected traditional portraiture practice and the notion that the print is sacred, allowing subjects to write whatever they want on their own portrait:

Text on images

In tandem with his work as a photographer – which is strongly focused on social issues including poverty, drug abuse, and criminal justice – Mark is a long-standing volunteer at Sheffield’s Archer Project, a charity that provides vital support for the city’s homeless and vulnerable. Mark leads weekly photography activities and in 2015 was one of the driving forces behind Street View, a project that offered Archer’s clients the opportunity to use disposable cameras to document their everyday worlds. Part of Mark’s residency is focused on continuing his collaborative work with Archer and its clients, and began with the Street View follow-up exhibition Beyond Street View.

On Friday 5th August from 6-8pm, we’re hosting an opening event for Baggage, in which various representatives of the Archer Project will talk about the consequences of homelessness.