6th – 8th October | Free

An exhibition of poetry by Rosalee Kiely and photography by Gabriela Morales that explores the concept of home.

The Away from Home exhibition is a dialogue of poetry and photography between two friends who met, came apart, and reunited several times over a decade and how they changed the way they saw life between first meeting and now.

Through the lens of travel, their work discusses the theme of home as both tangible and a feeling-state. Home is a word that evokes a tender place: it is a place of comfort, warmth, and safety, but also of vulnerability. What if we do not feel at home?

The project also highlights how two people from different cultures can see and experience things in diverse ways that nevertheless enrich one another. We all see life through our own frames.

On a personal level, the project is also a special way for two friends, the artists, to maintain communication across distance and bandwidth through their art. Each challenged the other in creating artwork on a theme, thereby complementing but also generating new and unexpected dimensions to the body of work.

Join us Saturday 8th October 6pm – 8pm, as we bring Away From Home to a close with a special viewing outside normal gallery hours.