APNEA – Collectif Zwann Eï

26th June at 19.00. Admission £7

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Apnea or suspension of external breathing (Greek: απνοια, from α-, privative, πνεειν, to breathe) and its variations by strangulation fit into history, literature and cinema in these elitist or popular forms. Free diving (Le Grand Bleu, The Dive), voluntary suffocation or fainting experiences of childhood games (choking games named “Lacet étrangleur” (garotte) , “lung game”, “arvelous night”, “Indian Summer”, “cosmos” …) erotic asphyxiation practices, “scarfing” or “head rush” (Kenpark), all these experiences imply the possibility of knowing symbolic or physical abilities alteration, a quest for ecstasy, of sublime experience, of hallucinations, of symbolic or real games with death and the permanent inference of a NDE, a near death experience that would project, even for a short moment, the consciousness out of the body:

“The aim of the “I” is to have access to a certain kind of transcendence which, once consciousness is thrown out of the body, makes it wander into a universe from which an ineffable brightness is shining, makes it meet unspeakable worlds and characters (…) all this with the feeling of unimaginable happiness the duration of which seems infinite and with a realism as lively if not more lively than our everyday life.” (Daniel Maurer)


ZWANN EÏ is an artistic collective gathering performers, artists and musicians. Artists collaborate on different kind of projects (installation, multimedia performance, sound poetry, movie), rewarding notably in the framework of philosophical and literary fields.

Research area: Systems, Mankind and machine, Chance, Border, Replication, Derrida’s concepts (spreading, doubleÐbind, duplication, disruption). Future of mankind animality (Deleuze’s thought), Somatic worlds, Passions, Evil Myths.