An Evening of Poetry and Sound

An Evening of Poetry and Sound

| 24th June | 7.00 | £4/£3 |

Linda Kemp of enjoy your homes press presents an evening of poetry and sound from Stuart Calton, Sarah Crewe, and Becoming Debbie.

Performing his original poetry, Stuart Calton is a Manchester-based poet and musician (as THF Drenching). His books include Three Reveries (2010) and The torn instructions for no trebuchet (2013) at Barque Press, and the self-published Live At Late Dilated Ileum (a sequence about hernias, St Lucy of Syracuse, anality, a marmoset and several imaginary pubs, 2015) and Blepharospasms (which deals with dream interpretation, masochism, masculinity, Henri Rey, reparation, mania and 2Pac becoming a jellyfish, 2016).

Sarah Crewe will also perform original poetry. Crewe’s work focuses largely on working class feminist psychogeography and previous publications include RWF/RAF (a collaboration with Pascal O’Loughlin, Stinky Bear Press, 2015), sea witch (Leafe Press, 2014) and flick invicta (Oystercatcher, 2012).

Becoming Debbie is a performance incorporating poetry and elements of sonic art. Becoming Debbie is a “heavy-duty hand cleaner, sonic witnessing & touching things lightly many times, approaches pre-speech as an account. Something for the ears. Made in Sheffield.”