Mark Harvey | A Box For My Bed

Mark Harvey | A Box For My Bed

Mark Harvey | A Box For My Bed | Monday 27th February- Monday 6th March. n.b., we’ll also be opening specially on Sunday 5th March and Monday 6th from 11-4pm. Mark will be in BSA from 4- 5pm on Monday 6th to talk about the exhibition.

Photographer and Bank Street Arts resident Mark Harvey has spent the last few years collaborating with people who’ve experienced homelessness in Sheffield, making work that is always sensitive to the ethical questions that accompany the documentation of ‘marginalised groups’. He’s currently overseeing a series of events that continue his work in this field, starting with a symposium on Friday 24th February at Sheffield’s Workstation that explored representations of homelessness in the media.

Mark’s latest exhibition, A Box For My Bed, opened at Bank Street Arts on Monday February 27th and runs until Monday 6th March. Whereas Baggage, Mark’s previous show at BSA, consisted of portraits of a number of people who’ve experienced homelessness, A Box For My Bed shifts the emphasis towards the actual spaces where Sheffield’s rough sleepers bunk down for the night. As Mark says,

With A Box For My Bed, I’m interested in rough sleepers’ environments and the things that they leave behind. People who aren’t homeless are able to shut their doors and keep their lives separate and private, but rough sleepers’ lifestyles are visible on the street: violence, love, disability, substance misuse… I want people to take a closer look at these details.

The exhibition is also the most visually ambitious of Mark’s residency so far, and will include a series of 1.5m large scale prints.