A Monument to the Unread

A Monument to the Unread

Robert Good’s ‘A Monument to the Unread’


A Monument to the Unread is an act of commemoration and confession. The titles of unread books, essays and other art texts will be stencilled onto the wall of Gallery 3 at Bank Street Arts, Sheffield. Comprising works of art theory that I have failed to read, and now accept that I am unlikely ever to read (and perhaps never intended to read), the performance is a celebration of the texts themselves and the untapped knowledge that they contain.

The performance will also be an act of liberation and expiation. I will subsequently erase the titles from the gallery wall, turning the text into a visual hit, whilst also releasing me from the failure to engage with so much ready knowledge. Members of the Guerrilla Writing collective will read from the texts during the performance and carry out a final act of absolution.




You are warmly invited to confess your own unread book…