Open Call – A Journey Around My Room

In 1970 Xavier de Maistre embarked on an epic journey, a journey in which he never left his room. While confined for 42 days after taking part in a duel, Xavier spent his time describing his movements from bed, to chair, to desk, and all points in between.

From the 25th of May 2016 Stephen Chase will be exhibiting a collection of submitted works that document journeys around rooms. Stephen’s aim is to draw attention to small everyday details, and in doing so open up time and space.

Stephen Chase now invites you to document and describe your own small journey:

“You are invited to take a journey.

The journey is a journey around your room.

Your room is a space which is in some way personal to you; be it, for example, your bedroom, kitchen, living room, study.

Record this journey in some way. Take photos, field notes, keep a journal, make maps, diagrams, notations, sound recordings … the sounds you hear, the steps you take, what’s the weather like?

It could be that journey is part of your everyday routine; it could be that you embark on a voyage of discovery … Be as practical or as imaginative as you like.

Send your documentation to or care of Bank Street Arts by 20th May 2016.

I will gather these journeys to make a new ‘room’ at Bank Street Arts.

The new room will be an exhibit, but will also be a map for performers.”

If you would like to contribute, send your submissions to or care of Bank Street Arts by 20th May 2016.