A Journey Around My Room Performance

| 4th June |

An evening of experimental performances reacting to Stephen Chase’s exhibition A Journey Around My Room.

In 1970 Xavier de Maistre embarked on an epic journey, a journey in which he never left his room. While confined for 42 days after taking part in a duel, Xavier spent his time describing his movements from bed, to chair, to desk, and all points in between.

From the 25th of May 2016 Stephen Chase will be exhibiting a collection of submitted works that document journeys around rooms, resulting in a performance. Stephen’s aim is to draw attention to small everyday details, and in doing so open up time and space.

About the artists

Stephen Chase composes, improvises, and walks quite a lot. His work veers erratically between generative methods and following-his-nose, and is drawn to the relationship between physical action and sound production, group interactions, and the acoustic characteristics of a space, using performance, installation and text. He has collaborated variously with Ross Parfitt, Philip Thomas, Exaudi, Quatuor Bozzini, Choir Brevis, Apartment House, Ensemble Zwischentöne, Music We’d Like to Hear, hcmf, Sound Intermedia, BBC Singers, Mick Beck, edges, Gated Community, Damo Suzuki, omoplate sarangi, murmuration, piggle and Freaking Glamorous Teapot.


Ryoko Akama is a Japanese sound/visual artist/composer. She works with stripped-down electronic sounds and in recent years has largely supplanted the laptop she used in the group the Lappetites (Eliane Radigue, Kaffe Matthews, AGF) with homemade devices housed in the shell of the traditional Japanese string instrument called the shamisen. She also often works closely with figures involved in the minimalist Wandelweiser collective, and musicians and artists associated with the Set Ensemble (Sarah Hughes, Patrick Farmer, Angharad Davies, Dominic Lash and co.), and is a key part of Next to Nothing (Another Timbre), a dazzling trio effort with Bruno Duplant and Dominic Lash that finds exquisite beauty in the most sparse of materials—bowed bass, tone generator, bells, and electronics. Her works have been performed and commissioned worldwide and published in the past under the name, Ryo Co. and Ryoko Kuwajima, and has been active as a collaborator on different projects with multidisciplinary artists.