Micro Exhibitions at Bank Street Arts

Micro Exhibitions at Bank Street Arts

Exhibiting at Bank Street Arts doesn’t necessarily have to mean committing to a show of a week or longer, and our micro exhibitions offer a way to present work within a much narrower time frame. As well as the obvious financial advantages of a short run show, micro exhibitions provide a space to publicly test and gauge the response to an idea or project that’s still being developed, or to launch something that needs to be aired very quickly. Equally, you might only have the vaguest idea- if any at all- for a show and want to throw yourself in at the deep end with something much more spontaneous that you’ll develop and exhibit in a relatively short space of time.

Resident Bryan Eccleshall recently staged his PhD show as a micro exhibition and artist William Foulds’ Over the Hill and Back Round Again used the format to evaluate the attempted reassembling of community through the renovation of the Park Hill estate. A micro exhibition doesn’t even have to be an exhibition in the ‘art’ sense of the word, and we can just as easily accommodate product launches, press events, symposiums, or premieres and screenings.

We’re flexible on the details, but a typical micro exhibition would look something like this:

  • Hang/ install/ prepare work on Thursday afternoon.
  • Open show to the public on Friday morning with a staffed launch event in the evening (with catering if required).
  • Close and take down show from 4pm on Saturday afternoon.

As part of the package, you’d also receive support and guidance from our team with the practicalities of organising and promoting your micro exhibition, as well as staff to invigilate it. For further info, email Tom at tom@bankstreetarts.com.

Some of the recent micro exhibitions that have taken place at BSA: