Laura Smith | Mania

Laura Smith | Mania

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Mania, Laura Smith | Keyhole Gallery | From Feb 17th 2017

Midlands-based artist, collector and Bank Street Arts member Laura Smith is interested in the attachments that people form with inanimate objects, and her work involves rescuing abandoned figurines sentenced to a life gathering dust on charity shop shelves and giving them a surreal makeover.

Laura’s Mania exhibition, which takes place in our newly-refurbished Keyhole Gallery, features three textbook examples of mantelpiece kitsch and car boot sale tat, to which Laura has added her own twist- including one piece that features members of the 18th century European aristocracy swigging from a can of Heineken.

A playful exploration of the ‘one person’s trash is another’s treasure’ adage, Mania gets underway with a preview event at 6pm on Friday 17th February, coinciding with the opening performance of Ben Lewis’s Taken to Pieces exhibition.


Art-work for Fine Art Show Catalogue

Laura’s website can be found here.