Chris Graham Atrium Occupation

Chris Graham Atrium Occupation

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Chris Graham | Atrium Occupation | 2nd Nov onwards

Existence is an agitated void: it is a dance that forces us to dance fanatically.
One must advance without looking back and without taking into account those who don’t have the strength to forget immediate reality.
If they speak it is possible to look at them without hearing them, and even if we look at them, to only ‘see’ that which exists far behind them. We must refuse distraction and live on only that which fascinates.
One must become firm and unshakeable enough that the existence of the world of civilisation finally appears uncertain. It is useless to respond to those who are able to believe in this world and find their authorisation in it.
It is time to abandon the world of the civilised and its light. It is too late to be reasonable and learned, which has led to a life without attractions. 
Secretly or not, it is necessary to become the irritating Other, or else cease to be.


At the heart of artist and BSA resident Chris Graham‘s singular work lies a searing and uncompromising critique of institutional power and turbo-capitalism’s commodification of virtually everything. Chris often expresses this through iconography taken from pop culture’s epicentre, as well as its weirder margins: Mickey Mouse and Kate Moss have been regular allies, and hardcore pornography and imagery from the military-industrial complex feature prominently in his work. As bold and arresting as Chris’s work undoubtedly is, it’s also nuanced, full of humour, and always emotionally involving.

Chris is currently occupying our Atrium, making (and remaking) an ongoing installation that started with only a very rough outline: ‘I never have a solid plan, a finish line, as to what I make, because each shit is a new start to a new day and that can lead anywhere.’ As a consequence, our atrium has been in a state of flux since Chris started, with him continually revising, removing, and replacing the work that he’s been producing. We’re documenting the installation as it develops.

No Neat Edges, a short film about Chris and his Occupation:

Chris started installing the second part of the Occupation in January…








Fellow resident and regular collaborator Bryan Eccleshall made this short film of Chris installing the second phase and talking about its background:

Various stages of phase two, as time-lapsed by Bryan:

Chris getting the occupation underway in November:

Three pieces from the first phase of the installation:

…and phase one as seen by Bank Street Arts member Tony Maj: