Residency programme

Since Bank Street Arts was established in 2008, our residency programme has been at the heart of the work that we do. While many residents have had a background in visual, literary or performance arts, we’ve also been eager to work with people who mightn’t have previously considered an arts centre to be an obvious venue for their practice. A comedian, a physicist, a gardener, a neuroscientist, and an historian have passed through our doors over the years, and this commitment to diversity and innovation is a fundamental part of our guiding principles.

Becoming a resident at Bank Street Arts is less about wading through a formal application process than getting our attention with an interesting idea or proposition. This alone isn’t enough to guarantee a worthwhile or successful residency, of course, and we’d also expect any prospective resident to be made of the Right Stuff: innovative, resourceful, flexible, critically engaged, and sensitive to our needs as a centre. We’re as interested in process as we are outcome, so you don’t necessarily need to have a fully-formed project in mind to become a resident and can use a residency to experiment with different ways of approaching your practice, resolving any issues as you progress.

We’re entirely independent and self-financed and can’t offer a fee or any expenses. What we will provide, as well as our time, commitment and support, is free exhibition space, the use of our facilities and resources, a page on our website, access to other residents and potential collaborators, and anything we can realistically offer to help bring what you propose to fruition.

If you’re interested in joining our roster of residents, whether that’s for a few days, weeks, or more long-term, then simply complete and send this form. If we like what you’re proposing we’ll get back to you and arrange a meeting. You don’t have to be based in Sheffield to become a resident at Bank Street Arts- one of our current residents lives 200-odd miles away yet is exhibiting new work on a weekly basis- so there’s no reason for geography to be an issue. Likewise, you don’t have to be an individual to apply: we’ve taken on a number of group residencies in the past and are keen to initiate and support more.

We’ve got a rolling submission policy and consider residency applications on a monthly basis. If you want to contact us directly, you can do so at