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Jessica Harby

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Artist Jessica Harby spent all of last year filling herself with as much information as she could about the machinations of the United States and the United Kingdom. She’s currently undertaking a residency at Bank Street Arts that is exploring how the decisions of 2016 become the consequences of 2017. The plan is to, as Jessica notes, ‘Slow things down. Feel every terrifying moment in real time’.

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Mark Harvey | A Box For My Bed

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Monday 27th Feb- Monday 6th March
Whereas Baggage, resident Mark Harvey’s previous show at Bank Street Arts, consisted of portraits of a number of people who’ve experienced homelessness, A Box For My Bed shifts the emphasis towards the actual spaces where Sheffield’s rough sleepers bunk down for the night.

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Lucy Wright | Bling!

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March 29th- 1st April.
Artist and researcher Lucy Wright’s conception of folk is more interested in what can happen when people come together to share in a cultural practice that they create for themselves. Her forthcoming exhibition Bling! explores this, with loving reference to the recent DIY phenomenon known variously as ‘bedazzling,’ ‘bejewelling’ and ‘blinging’.

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Sharon Oakes | Coming from You: How to Write a Good Script

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Have you got a story that’s urgent? That you want to tell now? Do you have a great idea for a film, TV drama, radio drama or stage play? Over the course of six workshops you’ll cover the principles of scriptwriting and you will write, discuss, share and receive friendly and constructive feedback to help you towards writing the first working draft of your script.

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Laura Smith | Mania

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From February 17th
Laura Smith is interested in the attachments that people form with inanimate objects and her work involves giving charity shop figurines a surreal makeover. Her Mania exhibition, which takes place in our newly-refurbished Keyhole Gallery, features three textbook examples of mantelpiece kitsch and car boot sale tat, to which Laura has added her own twist.

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BSE #1

In Celebration of Trees

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7th- 12th January
In Celebration of Trees is an exhibition of photographs that comes at a point when trees have become an unusually divisive and highly charged issue in Sheffield. While a 2007 independent survey suggested that just 1,000 of the city’s street trees needed replacing, 4,000 have since been felled. Sheffield hasn’t taken kindly to this…

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